Raleigh 400 in Oct 2018

Entrepreneurship in International Trade

A year long series of bilateral UK-US events to celebrate Raleigh’s life and enduring legacy to trans-Atlantic exploration, entrepreneurialism, trade and wealth creation with a focus on education.

The legacy of Sir Walter Raleigh on his 400th anniversary of the end of his life.

Executive Overview

  • The purpose of the year-long Raleigh 400 celebrations (“R400”) is to re-energise bilateral trading relations between the UK and the US.
  • The celebrations are underpinned throughout by the history of the exploits and enduring legacies of Sir Walter Raleigh under the theme of ‘Entrepreneurship in International Trade’.
  • There are three elements:

    • The past – new research by Queen Mary’s University of London (“QMUL”) on the exploits of Raleigh and his connection with the City of London and the Plantation of Virginia.
    • The present – bringing together business leaders and senior politicians from both sides of the Atlantic to further develop UK-US relations.
    • The future – using a major education festival to educate students of all ages on both sides of the Atlantic on our common heritage, tradition of entrepreneurship and wealth creation.
  • Under the chairmanship of Alderman Peter L R Hewitt – a direct descendant of Raleigh – a committee of senior business people and academics has been formed to manage R400.
  • Charitable foundations have been established in both the UK and US to enable tax-efficient giving on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Exciting opportunities exist for engagement by business, charities and foundations to frame and influence events through specific sponsorship and charitable donations.

Outcomes & Legacy

The R400 initiative seeks to:

  • Promote entrepreneurship in international trade with particular focus on transatlantic trade and the UK-US relationship.
  • Promote better understanding between business leaders and politicians both in the UK and US and provide a legacy of improved and enduring relations.
  • Increase the understanding of young adults in the UK and US entering the worlds of tertiary education and commerce of entrepreneurship’s central role in wealth creation.
  • Better understand the history of entrepreneurship within the livery companies and their role as the private equity and venture capitalists of their day, and to trace their evolution to the present.
  • Better understand the role of Raleigh in the history and connections between the City of London, the Livery Companies, and the states of Virginia and North Carolina.
  • Consider the creation of a new entity (possibly ‘the Honourable, the Virginia Society’ – subject to appropriate approvals and permissions), which will continue the work of R400 in the promotion of bilateral UK-US relations.

Why now? What is the opportunity?

2018 marks the 400th anniversary of Raleigh’s death in October 1618 – the timing is perfect and so under our banner of ‘Entrepreneurship in International Trade’, a prescient opportunity now exists to encourage and support future wealth creation on both sides of the Atlantic by;

  • identifying the historical lessons and legacies of Raleigh’s trans-Atlantic exploits;
  • relating these to the exigencies of present-day and future bilateral UK-US trade relationships;
  • exploring the topics of wealth creation in the new ‘frontiers’ of our age, such as: AI, robotics, nanotech, space exploration, advanced materials, biotech, power generation and storage, deep ocean, conservation and futurology.
  • transmitting their relevance to, and so motivating the next cohort of entrepreneurs, explorers and future business leaders on both sides of the Atlantic – the ‘Raleighs of our age’; and establishing a lasting R400 legacy.

This is highly relevant because:

  • The UK is the leading foreign direct investor in the US, with $449bn in 2014 and it is the second largest US goods & services export destination, with $123bn in 2015.
  • UK-US bilateral trade relations are in the process of being recalibrated to accommodate the policies of a new US Administration, and the realities of the UK as a free-trading nation, post BREXIT

The media launch – 28th October, 2018

  • Publicity on UK and US national broadcast media to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Sir Walter Raleigh’s death in October 1618.
  • A multi-platform media plan encompassing all forms of social, broadcast and print media will be created to support each individual event, and maintained throughout the R400 programme.
  • Joint publicity initiatives with the British Library and others.
  • BBC Radio 4 have commissioned our principal researcher, Professor Jerry Brotton of QMUL for a 30-minute programme with a broadcast date to coincide with the October anniversary.
  • The programme will explore Raleigh’s interest in El Dorado, will feature recording on location in Trinidad and Guiana, and include an interview with Peter Hewitt as Raleigh’s descendant.

The Past: Exploring the history

A four-part R400 Launch at the Drapers’ Hall in the City of London on the 12th December, 2018 focusing on Raleigh the man, the history of his exploits and his legacy in the UK, Ireland and the US:

  • Address by Alderman Peter Hewitt to formally launch the R400 campaign.
  • 6th form historical orientation and workshop – given by academics from QMUL. The orientation briefing will be attended by up to 75 pupils and teachers from a selection of schools with livery and City of London Corporation affiliation as well as US educational establishments.
  • A 30-minute presentation given by QMUL academics – putting R400 in an historical context, followed by a 30 to 40-minute panel discussion.
  • A reception for all participants at the Drapers’ Hall.

The launch will be attended by representatives of: the Livery Companies of the City of London and their associated schools; organisations, institutions, and businesses that have links to Raleigh’s legacy; US stakeholder organisations and institutions – as well as UK and US media organisations.

The Present: Optimising Trans-Atlantic trade

A two-day, high-level, bilateral UK-US business leader and opinion former Trade Symposium for up to 120 delegates, to be held at the Drapers’ Hall in the City of London in Q1/Q2, 2019:

  • Day One:

    • Two parallel streams of round table plenary sessions (Chatham House rule) addressing specific topics, with subject matter experts.
    • Likely themes to include: the new tariff regime, exploiting post-BREXIT free trade opportunities, finance, professional services, ethical and social investment, technology and innovation, defence and security, cyber security and IPR.
    • Sponsors’ dinner at the Drapers’ Hall.
  • Day Two:

    • Further plenary sessions.
    • Keynote address by US or UK government minister.
    • Black-tie dinner in the Drapers’ Hall for up to 250 guests (including partners).
    • Programme for both days designed to enable maximum participation and networking.

The Future: an Entrepreneurship & Education Festival

A two day creative Entrepreneurship and Education Festival focused on the next cohort of the ‘Raleighs of our age’. To take place before the end of Q3, 2019 for up to 700 participants and created by the highly innovative organiser of the UK Festival of Educational at Wellington College, Louise Hunter of Summerhouse Media.

  • Festival concept:

    • The audience takes part in a live event (as if they were in a play or film) which is hosted by our media partner.
    • Live news updates are given throughout the event via a dedicated YouTube channel and on social media.
    • Use of venues that were frequented by Raleigh; the session content is matched to the venue where possible.
    • Movement between proximate venues makes the event more dynamic and keeps participation and interest levels high.
    • Topics focus on the opportunities of the new worlds of our age, including: AI, robotics, nanotech, space exploration, advanced materials, biotech, power generation and storage, deep ocean, conservation, and futurology.
  • Headline activities to include:

    • R400 ‘The Apprentice’; a competition to propose costed ideas for an R400 legacy prize.
    • A History Girls session on Queen Elizabeth I, who commanded Raleigh to explore the new world,
    • 15-minute show on the life of Raleigh by the Reduced Shakespeare Company.
    • A series of 15-minute TED-style talks on the new frontiers of our age, and the opportunities for exploration and wealth creation that they present.
    • A keynote speech by an appropriate celebrity, possibly based on aspects of Raleigh’s diaries


R400 is a timely and ground-breaking initiative to:

  • identify and develop the lessons of history and entrepreneurship;
  • understand the crucial importance of and future challenges to bilateral UK-US trade;
  • highlight the central role played by education in identifying and developing the future explorers, entrepreneurs, wealth-creators and business leaders of our age; and importantly
  • support the ‘future Raleighs’ in continuing a long and successful tradition of UK-US entrepreneurial wealth creation.

A unique and exciting opportunity for businesses, educational establishments and foundations on both sides of the Atlantic to frame and influence the development of current and future UK-US bilateral trade relations through sponsorship and charitable donations, in order to realise R400’s aims and legacy.

Benefit to sponsors and how to get involved

  • An exceptional networking and relationship building opportunity, by invitation, between the UK and US with business leaders, politicians and influencers.
  • Reinforcing connections between the UK and the US, founded on a long standing trans-Atlantic relationship, and discussing key issues of the day under the Chatham House Rule.
  • Highlighting the challenges, both contemporaneous and future, faced by both the UK and US, also within the context of Europe and beyond.
  • Show-casing how the Raleigh 400 initiative will gather business and education together, with a unique third day in the programme that will bring to life what can be done through education.
  • This will be a creative an interactive day that will give young people the chance to display their potential as future leaders.
  • Participation in all or part of the three days of the Raleigh 400 event. The second day, the business forum, will close with a gala reception and dinner at the Drapers’ Hall.
  • Companies supporting the Raleigh 400 will be mentioned in all printed material, with logos being displayed on monitors during the opening and closing sessions.

Benefits to sponsors and donors

  • Generation of interest amongst young adults in key historical aspects and lessons of trans-Atlantic trade and wealth creation, and the role (past, present and future) of sponsoring organisations in developing bilateral UK-US trade.
  • Participation, by invitation, in an exceptional networking and relationship building opportunity between UK and US business leaders, politicians and influencers.
  • Leading engagement in the development of future bilateral UK-US relations in a post-BREXIT world through the discussion (under the Chatham House Rule) of salient bilateral trade issues – current and future.
  • Bringing together the worlds of education and commerce to show-case the value of education in future wealth creation on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Exhibition and identification of young talent – the future explorers, entrepreneurs, wealth creators and business leaders – especially during the Entrepreneurship & Education Festival.
  • Participation in first-class supporting social events in some of the most iconic and f amous venues in the City of London.
  • Enhanced media profile of sponsoring organisations.

R400 – Contact Information

  • Alderman Peter L R Hewitt, JP, Chairman Raleigh 400
    +44 (0)207 199 4151
  • Michael C J Hutchings, Director Raleigh 400
    +44 (0)7706 587 575
  • Website: www.Raleigh400.com (under construction)

Background to R400

  • Sir Walter Raleigh (c.1554 – 29 October 1618) was a mariner, Member of Parliament, entrepreneur and polymath of the Elizabeth I era.
  • Raleigh was granted a royal charter in 1584 to explore and colonise the New World.
  • Whilst he focused on finding the rumoured city of gold, ‘El Dorado’ in the Orinoco basin, he sent expeditions to the Americas, which established the Roanoke Colony in what is now North Carolina.
  • Raleigh was also indirectly involved in the Plantation of Virginia in 1609, which was funded by the 56 livery companies of the City of London.
  • Raleigh subsequently fell from grace and was executed for treason by Elizabeth’s successor, James I, at the Palace of Westminster 400 years ago on 29 October 1618.
  • A committee of senior businessmen, teachers and academics led by Alderman Peter Hewitt, a descendant of Sir Walter Raleigh, has been formed to manage these events under the banner of ‘Raleigh 400’.
  • Peter is an Alderman of the City of London, a founding Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs. Peter was the originator and Chairman of the Waterloo 200 Banquet in Guildhall in 2015 (attended by 645 people) to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

Historical Context

The historical research on Raleigh’s life and achievements underpins the R400 initiative and it provides a valuable opportunity to:

  • Generate relevant, curriculum compliant, educational benefits both in the UK and US;
  • Provide further historical research on the US / UK heritages of Virginia and North Carolina
  • Capture the interest and harness the enthusiasm of the next cohort of UK and US entrepreneurs, wealth creators, explorers and future business leaders;
  • Link these ‘Raleighs of our age’ to the present-day equivalents of the institutions, businesses and networks that Raleigh would have known in his time – on both sides of the Atlantic;
  • Engage some of these institutions, businesses and networks as part of the historical research effort; and
  • Identify further research possibilities to inform R400 legacy initiatives, including the potential formation of ‘The Honourable, the Virginia Society’.

List of Patrons

  • Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Boyce, KG, GCB, OBE.
  • Lord Brennan, QC
  • Paul Drechsler, CBE
  • Sir Roger Fry, CBE
  • The Right Honourable, Sir Edward Garnier, QC

List of Livery and City schools potentially involved

Livery No. Livery No. Livery No.
Mercers 9 Barbers 2 Makers of Playing Cards 1
Grocers 3 Tallow Chandlers 3 Tobacco Pipe Makers 1
Drapers 8 Saddlers 1 Engineers 2
Goldsmiths 2 Curriers 4 Lighmongers 1
Skinners 5 Plumbers 1 Constructors 1
Merchant Taylors 8 Innholders 1 Information Technologists 2
Habersashers 8 Founders 1 Water Conservators 1
Vintners 1 Coopers 2 Hackney Carriage Drivers 1
Dyers 1 Plaisterers 1 Security Professionals 1
Brewers 2 Basketmakers 1 Art Scholars 1
Leathersellers 2 Farriers 2 Entrepreneurs 2
Pewterers 1 Paviors 4

How to Donate

Gift aid declarations are available.

By cheque : Cheques made payable to Chapel & York UK Foundation with a note specifying that they are for Raleigh 400 can be sent to:

Chapel & York UK Foundation
12 The Courtyard, Ladycross Business Park,
Hollow Lane, Lingfield, RH7 6PB

Bank transfer:
Bank: Barclays Bank
Account name: Chapel & York UK Foundation Limited Account no: 70495239
Sort Code: 20-45-45
Reference: Raleigh 400